The World of Hakur

These pages will provide you with a brief overview of the Fantasy Role-Playing Game campaign world that I have been developing over 15 years. This campaign world can be used with virtually any version of the Dungeons and Dragons game, from the original, published in the 1970's, all the way up to the most recent D&D 3.x game. It is also fully compatible with Castles & Crusades, moreso then the previously mentioned games as I feel that C&C provides the greatest flexibility, ease of play and fast task resolution that provides the best play experience.

The gameworld itself is based loosely off the real world to create a sense of familiarity, by lightly borrowing from cultures and mythological history. There is no attempt being made to make this gameworld a direct, complete representation of the real world. At the time of this writing only the "European" version of the world has been completed. In time, additional regions and sections of the planet will take shape, along with hopefully interesting fantastic representations of some of the cultures from those regions.

Updated 05-11-06

Added link to Languages of Hakur at the top of the "People" section.

Added new buttons for Forums and New Classes

Updated 05-09-06

The Human Cultures have been drastically revamped to include both shorter extracts and more in depth information about each society in the "People" section.

In the works, is a new set of buttons, one that will lead directly to the Forums and another that will lead to the main page about the new Classes for the World of Hakur. Until then, follow the provided links.

Updated 05-05-06

The People section of the website has been updated to include additional information that wasn't included previously due to time constraints. Please check back again later, as more information and pages will be crafted and uploaded soon.

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